1. Firstly you must join by signing up (it’s really quick).

2. Create some of you own boards to put your own collections into. You can make as many as you want. Click the red “Add Board” button (top right), choose a name for your board and assign it to one of our main car categories.

Now you are ready to add pictures. Click on the red “Add Pin” button (top right).

– – – – –

To add from the internet:

1. The best way to add cars from the internet is to use the “Add CAR” tool
Drag the Add CAR bookmarklet tool to your bookmarks/favorites bar.
Go to the website you want to pin an image/video from. Click the Add CAR button.
This will grab image/videos for you to select from. Click on the one you want.
Using the add car tool credits the website you pinned the item from with a link back to their web site.

Tip: try to get the biggest image you can, we will resize it to fit.
Try to avoid thumbnails as they won’t enlarge when clicked on so won’t look so good.

2. Add From Web if you have the URL address of the image you want.

3. Add from a Device to add stuff from your  laptop, tablet or phone.

4. Repin from any of the TotallyCARS posts. Simply click the repin button.

– – – – –

When uploading stuff add a brief description, e.g make, model, year.
If you like to give a little background info use the comments box after you have added your car pic.